DNA Growth Track is a great starting point. We don't want anyone to feel lost at Restoration Life Church.  Our DNA Growth Track is key in helping you take the next step to a restored life in Christ.


If you’re new to Restoration Life, or already a Christian, our DNA class ensures you get the opportunity to meet our lead Pastor, hang out with great people and have someone to walk beside you while you’re settling into this new and exciting life. 


Pastor Mike will teach you about our DNA as a church, explain our vision, what we believe, our mission, and our passion. 


He'll also teach you and equip you to know, pursue and live a life of purpose. 


Knowing all of this will help you settle in and feel right at home with the

Restoration Life Church family.

To sign up, please complete and submit the form below or call our office at:

1-253-588-9759 or email us at: pastormike.lakewood@yahoo.com


If you cannot make the class,

please make sure to give us a call

so that we can prepare properly.


We are so excited to meet you!

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